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  1. Nekora says:
    The plane was by all means a better observation aircraft than the Focke-Wulf and is undoubtedly of the strange aircrafts that actually existed. When Ernst Udet, the man in charge of aircraft development at the ministry flew the airplane, he was impressed and placed an order for Adriana John.
  2. Gardalrajas says:
    Jun 13,  · Since the airplane had an open cockpit, the pilot used an aqualung while under water. The RFS-1 dived down to 12 feet during a test, which must have been a trip to watch. Although it was clumsy, the RFS-1 is an amazing achievement for one man working with scavenged airplane parts.
  3. Gutilar says:
    Nov 30,  · Top 10 strange aircraft and bizarre flying machines in the world - Duration: World Top ONE Recommended for you. Battle Stations.
  4. Tet says:
    Jun 19,  · Airplane Engine Explosion compilation | Airplane engine failure | Airplane engine fire - Duration: Frankie HM Channel & Plane Spotting 1,, views
  5. Goltijind says:
    Apr 28,  · The information about each aircraft may be thin but that is more then made up by shear volume. You will learn about some truly obscure aircraft in here. Thankfully this isn't a "Worst" book which is subjective. By just sticking to strange the /5(9).
  6. Miran says:
    Dec 18,  · The most direct path between two points is a straight line, but roads are rarely straight. Engineers must calculate the most efficient routes over mountains, through cities and around water, all.
  7. Nikazahn says:
    Aug 11, - Explore John Beeson's board "Strange Aircraft", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Aircraft, Aviation, Strange pins.
  8. Nikojora says:
    Martin XB, an American "tri-jet" ground attack aircraft. Note the unorthodox design: one engine at the tail, and two underneath the forward fuselage in pods (). Advertisement.
  9. Grobar says:
    May 02,  · Less of an airplane and more of a flying shotgun, the rocket-powered Bachem Ba Natter interceptor was designed to overtake Allied bombers and pepper the enemy formations with salvos of up to 33 unguided explosive-tipped projectiles. Natters required no runways for take off; they could be launched vertically from just about any flat surface. The .

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